Library collections and materials are organized by call numbers, which are derived from the Library of Congress Classification System.

Reference Materials (2nd Floor)

Reference materials include dictionaries, directories, encyclopedias, statistics, etc. These volumes are located on the second floor and must be used in the Library.

New Books (2nd Floor)

New books are also on the southeast side of the second floor, and we ask that you read them in the adjacent browsing area. If you'd like to take more time with a new book, they can be checked out from any of the automatic circulation machines. New books are displayed for one month. They are then sent to the main book collection on third floor.

Newspapers (2nd Floor)

-Newspaper shelves are on the southeast side of the second floor. As a courtesy to others who'd like to read the newspapers, please read them in the adjacent browsing corner then return them to their shelves. All newspapers will be withdrawn on Monday mornings.

Books (3rd Floor)

Books are on third floor. To check books in and out, please use the automatic circulation machine. If you need staff assistance, please go to the Circulation Staff Office (Rm.318).

Theses and Dissertations (3rd Floor)

Theses and dissertations are on the third floor. They are shelved in a separate section on the north side and are arranged according to Library of Congress Classification. POSTECH's theses and dissertation collection consists of donated volumes from other universities in the country and foreign universities. To be sure that the dissertation or thesis you want is available, search the library’s online catalog before you access the shelves. These volumes must be used in the library.

Academic Journals (4th Floor)

Academic journals are on fourth floor. The current issues of all journals are located in a separate area next to the Serials Desk. Please note that journals can't be checked out. The Library has subscriptions to approximately 5,0000 titles in electronic format.

Popular Magazines (4th Floor)

Popular magazines are also on fourth floor. They are shelved at the end of the sequence of academic journals and are arranged alphabetically by title.

Multimedia materials (4th Floor)

Videocassettes, audiocassette tapes, CD-ROMs, DVDs, etc. are on fourth floor 464 stack. Some text books for learning foreign languages are also shelved in this area.

Electronic materials

The Library collects electronic materials in many formats and types. Examples are journals, databases, books, and conference proceedings. The Library's home page is the access point for all of these electronic materials, which can be searched and read with the computers installed in the Library for you. If you're not able to come to the Library, then any computer on the Campus network should also provide access to this material. Please note that systematic or excessive downloading of electronic material is not permitted.