Open hours

2nd Floor 3rd~4th Floor 5th~6 Floor
08 : 00 - 22 : 00 08 : 00 - 24 : 00 24 hours
Services requiring staff assistance are available from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday ~ Friday.

* Library hours may be changed during exam periods, summer and winter vacation. Changes are on the library website. * The Library is closed during national holidays.



Circulation Policy

User Type Books / Period Multimedia
Faculty 40 books / 60 days 3 items / 5 days
Undergraduate/Graduate 10 books / 30 days
Staff 10 books / 30 days
Researcher 10 books / 30 days
POSCO/ POSE 5 books / 10 days
Faculty spouse 5 books / 8 days

*Book Circulation Methods

The self-service automatic circulation machines are the primary means of circulating books. If the machines are out of order or if you need assistance, then go to 2nd fl. Circulation Desk or Circulation Staff Office(Rm. 204).

Self-Service Circulation Machines

Self-service machines for circulating books are on third and fifth floors. Each machine is located near the Library's central elevator. Transactions require you to use your POSTECH ID card. Neither multimedia nor materials that accompany books -- e.g. diskettes, CD-ROMs -- can be checked-out with the self-service machines.

*Recalled Books

Recalled books are books that have been recalled by you from another patron. They have been returned to the Library and made available for your immediate use. A recalled book is placed on a separate shelf until it's checked out by the patron who requested it. These shelves are next to the third floor Circulation Desk. Please note that both recalled and reserved books are marked by spine stickers.

*Reserved Books

Books may be placed on Reserve by POSTECH faculty members. These are usually books that are assigned for coursework.The Reserve shelves are next to the third floor circle Desk. Please note that reserved books are marked by spine stickers.

*Accompanying Materials

These are materials such as CD-ROMs, diskettes, and maps that are published with a book, but are not bound to it. They are physically separate from the book and can be borrowed from the Circulation Staff Office (Rm.204 or 2nd fl. Circulation Desk).


Document Delivery Service(DDS)

Document delivery service helps users obtain materials which are not available in the library through the libraries network. Users may request DDS from the Library homepage. If available in electronic format, magazine and journal articles can usually be obtained in three days. Articles available in paper format only as well as all books, can usually be obtained within two weeks. A request form can be found under the "Library Services" section on the Library home page.

Purchase Request

If you'd like to suggest that a book be bought and added to the collection, then you can complete the purchase request form. That form can be found under the "Library Services" section on the POSTECH Library home page.

Mobile search

*Alternative Access to the Library's Catalog

You can access the library catalog from anywhere using wireless devices such as web-enabled mobile phones, Palm Pilots, and PocketPCs. Just point your wireless browser at

Visitor's pass

*POSTECH members spouse

A POSTECH member's spouse can use the Library and borrow books. Please contact the Circulation Desk(Rm. 204, tel:054-279-2551)

*Visitors (Local community)

Visitors can use the Library for finding information after filling out the request form at the Entrance desk. With a visitor's pass, visitors can enter the library.