JOVE(Journal of Visualized Experiments) Trial Service

2018-11-14 16:35

JOVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments) is a Peer-Reviewed video article/journal service, covering 14 subject area. POSTECH Library is currently subscribing to 5 subjects, and will be providing trial service for 9 other subjects as below.

1. Title: JOVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments) JOVE is providing videos on experimental methods for subjects as Life science, Medicine, Chemistry and Physics, subscribed by 8,400 Universities, Research institutes, governmental institutes as a powerful research tool.

2. Contents: 14 subjects Biology / Neuroscience / Immunology and Infection / Medicine / Bioengineering (Subscribing) Engineering / Chemistry / Behavior / Environment / Developmental Biology / Gennetics / Biochemistry / Cancer Research / Science Education Database (Trial)

3. Period for Trial Service: 13th Nov. 2018 ~ 12th Dec. 2018

4. URL:

5. Contact: Academic Information Resources


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