Library user satisfaction survey event (for students)

2023-09-01 17:35

Library user satisfaction survey event (for students)

In accordance with the enforcement of the University Library Promotion Act, as part of the university library evaluation organized by the Ministry of Education, a user satisfaction survey of university libraries will be conducted for students as follows. We will provide a small prize through a lottery for those who participate, so please participate.


1. Survey period: 2023.09.07 (Thursday) to 09.27 (Wednesday)

2. Survey target: Students enrolled in the school (undergraduate and graduate students)

3. Survey Link:

4. Gift details: 10,000 won mobile cultural gift certificate (30 people)

5. Winner announcement date: 10.6 (Fri)

6. For enquiries: (054-279-2548)


September 7, 2023
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