Thesis Submission Information

2021-12-24 13:23

Thesis Submission Information

Graduate students who are scheduled to graduate in Feb., 2022 are advised to submit their theses(Online file, Hardbound) according to the following guidelines.

   1. Submission period: Jan 3, 2022 ~ Jan 7, 2022

   2. Procedure: Submit thesis file online à Print & Sign Copyright Agreement à Submit

      physical copies (Hardbound)

   3. How to 

Procedure Content How to
① Online File Submission Submit Thesis > Login procedure of submitter(Register only once) > Login> upload file
※ Attached Manual
Login procedure of submitter: Fill in POVIS ID/Name /email address
② Copyright Agreement Mark your choice in procedure of submitting file, Print it and sign Submit it signed with your physical copies
③ Physical copies(Hardbound) 3 Copies * Library 3rd Floor, GSR # I

* Temporarily relocated Academic Information Resources office due to library Renovation construction.


   4. Other Information

      A. When submitting your thesis, be sure to wear a mask to prevent the spread of


      B. Inquiries: Hwasu Yu (Tel.279-2543,


Dec 24, 2021

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