Thesis Submission Information(For August 2017 Advanced Degree Candidates)

2017-06-22 03:25

Thesis Submission Information (For August 2017 Advanced Degree Candidates)


Graduate students who are scheduled to graduate in August 2017 are advised to submit their theses according to the following guidelines.


1. Submission period:  June 26 ~ July 7, 2017

2. Required documents to be submitted

   A. Hard Bound copies of your thesis:  4 copies

   B. License agreement (which may be printed out after online registration is completed and your thesis is converted and approved)

     - For Online registration of your thesis, go to: Library Homepage > Library Services > Submit Thesis

     - Procedures: Login > File Registration (Approval) > Print & Signature(License Agreement) > Submit (4 Hard bound copies, License Agreement)

     - Login Information: Use your student ID number and Hemos ID as a login ID and a password, respectively.

3. Manual Guide : ”2017.8_Thesis Submission_(Eng)”(Attached file)

4. For inquiries, please contact: Mr. Yu Donghun(T.279-2546, E-mail) / Library Room #204


June 22, 2017

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